telstra programmable network | TPN

a first for Australia – Network as a Service

scale and provision in minutes
support a remote workforce
connect to or from anywhere on the globe

Australian first ‘Network as a Service’

Telstra Programmable Network is Australia’s first Network as a Service solution.

TPN is a globally connected on-demand networking platform. It is the ideal solution for scalable remote workforces.

TPN is designed to deliver secure, flexible and on- demand connectivity to virtual network services with automatic provisioning in minutes.

Benefits of a Telstra Programmable Network

Telstra Programmable Network is a new service which takes full advantage of Telstra’s cloud-based infrastructure and software.

Benefits include:

  • Support a remote workforce
    In these uncharted times of global pandemic, react swiftly to scale and provision remote working securely.
  • One flexible customisable platform
    Create a custom network. Choose from modular capabilities and self-provision (or have MobileCorp provision) a choice of network capacity, services and applications.
  • Respond faster
    Provision in minutes – not months – for fast adaptation to changing business and market demands.
  • Connect to and from anywhere on the globe
    Connect to new customers in more places with ease and speed. Telstra has already laid the infrastructure to leverage a global network.
  • Accelerate application performance
    Dynamic access to secure private connections to improve end-user experiences.

Technical Features of TPN

Wearing a technical hat? You might be interested in these features.

  • Automated connectivity and Global Exchange
    Browse the TPN Global Exchange to add network building blocks by choosing clouds, data centres and services from an ecosystem of 60+ cloud service providers and 35+ enabled data centres. Enjoy automated connectivity to AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle.
  • VNF Marketplace
    Select from a marketplace of virtual network functions (VNFs) vFirewalls and vRouters from leading vendors. BYO licence or choose Telstra VNFs, such as Telstra Cloud Router and Gateway Protection, which come with licences included.
  • Fast, customisable networks
    Use the platform canvas to design and deploy modular solutions, with layer 2 Ethernet connections and VNFs provisioned in under ten minutes and flexible commercials.

Telstra Programmable Network by MobileCorp

MobileCorp provides full management of the Telstra Programmable SDN platform, utilising the knowledge and expertise of our network engineers to provide strategic advice, operational accountability and technical support.

MobileCorp managed services include:

  • utilising the platform canvas to design a custom solution provisioning layer 2 Ethernet connections and VNFs; and managing bandwidth on-demand settings
  • ordering services and equipment and purchasing licensing and provisioning them automatically on Telstra Programmable Network, leveraging the latest in SDN and network function virtualisation technology
  • building out the platform adding exchange connections from the Global Exchange and virtual network functions from the Marketplace
  • providing global guidance to customers wanting to access more than 35 global Programmable Points of Presence (POPs), directly integrated with over 2000 Telstra IPVPN POPs in 200 countries and territories
  • assigning a proactive account manager to provide a single point of contact for strategic and operational escalation
  • supporting internal IT resource with a technical service desk working to SLA; relieving internal resources of time-consuming BAU tasks and proactive monitoring
Telstra Programmable Network benefits
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