Mobile Lifecycle

don’t get distracted…
everything starts and ends
with the device


Outsource your mobile fleet management to the experts. Allow your internal resources to concentrate on your core business.

MobileCorp MMS is an outsourced managed mobility service with modules for support, lifecycle, deployment, device management, mobile security, and mobile expense management. Aligned with a dedicated MobileCorp account manager and support team.


From cradle to grave. Mobile devices are accounted for, maintained, secured, and supported.

Device lifecycle management protects the productivity of end users and relieves organisations and IT teams from the burden of operational workload. 

Lifecycle management is a foundational tenet of MobileCorp’s service to our customers.


Deliver a zero-touch managed device deployment without impacting on end users.

Upgrade carrier plans or transition to a new carrier with zero disruption or downtime.

MobileCorp has implemented hundreds of device deployment and fleet transition projects. We understand they require careful project management to ensure business productivity is protected, and asset and data integrity is assured.

mobile phones ewaste landfill


Responsible end of life device management benefits organisations, our community, and our planet.

MobileCorp is committed to our 7-point Device Sustainability program. We believe in contributing to the Circular Economy and in minimising e-waste. We actively seek to buy-back, renew, re-use and recycle end of life devices. We also aim to extend the life of endpoint devices, and decommission devices securely and sustainably.